Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Backlog.. I haven't posted in forever. The holidays are exhausting and I need a vacation from them---so I'm taking one. Visiting a friend who lives near water--big difference for midwestern me. Hanging out, sleeping in, cooking good food, and just relaxing. It's great!!

Christmas Recap: Can you say "too much to drink"? Whew...survived it with a few quality moments with the porcelin god and a lot of sleep. It was a great party...need I say more?

Christmas Eve Recap: Spent the evening baking bread and cookies, and wrapped up in a warm blankie with the kitty. It was nice and cozy.

On the horizon: 2 campus interviews!! Yes, count them..... I'm so excited. Both are in great places and have different but very good things to offer. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Back to my vacation.....


BrightStar said...

congrats on the campus interviews!

Anonymous said...

I am behind on my blog reading after the holidays.

Big congrats on the interviews. I hope hope hope for good things for you.

Hey, did you, like, redesign your blog. It looks cool.