Thursday, December 08, 2005

Back from a blogging break.

Yes, I am still alive....if anyone even noticed I was gone [besides Seeking Solace who gave me a 'shout out'--thanks :-) ]. I have had a few days where I felt I needed to be a bit more introspective and let some things brew. Furthermore, nothing more exciting going on in my academic world that what has been covered brilliantly by the rest of my fellow academic bloggers.

Follow-up to birthday blogging of last week: I left work early with DA and went grocery shopping and then spent the rest of the afternoon cooking a spectacular birthday dinner with her. Very fun! I love to cook and I find that it is much more fun sharing the kitchen with others and talking and laughing as you go--hard to do when you live alone and have a tiny apartment kitchen that is not conducive to guest chefs. Thankfully, DA and GB have a wonderful kitchen made for friends and my birthday dinner was great!!!

Weekend update: Spent the weekend getting caught up on household chores and laundry--first real chance to do so after being out of town for Thanksgiving. Also spent much quality time with the kitty.

Beginning of this week: Furious end of semester grading, updating Blackboard, and dealing with various student issues. Cleaning of the office --had to get rid of some of the dead balloons and sagging crepe paper in my office as well as find the bottom of my desk (yes, we go a bit crazy sometimes with the birthday decos). Used some of my blogger buddies suggestions to put together gifts for my secret santa. So far so good---although I think she may have figured out already who I am. Actually, I'm thinking that my secret santa gifter may also be my giftee. Not sure yet...but I have defnitely eliminated a couple of possibilities. Good sign of the week: Now that application deadlines have passed for some of the jobs I applied for, I got my first phone call this week which has rescued me from the "what if no one wants me?" syndrome which creeps up on me at unexpected moments.

Middle of week: SNOW!!! Lots of it--so much that my very last class didn't happen because the university canceled classes. Should be interesting getting the final papers turned into me now--wonder how many students will ignore my email about turning them in by tomorrow and will just show up at the final exam next week with the paper in hand saying they didn't received the email and just couldn't figure out what to do ---but they had the paper done, of course.

Today: Pajama day--I have been so tired and just D. R. A. G. G. I. N. G. I spent the entire day at home in my PJ's (well almost, put on sweats to go outside and clean my car off and dig a path so I can get out of my parking spot tomorrow). I slept over 14 hours in the past 48. Did I work on the book chapter that has to get finished ASAP? No. Did I finish writing my final exams? No. Did I work on something that would progress my dissertation? No. I played video games. Actually just one game--Crash Twinsanity--Is it just me, or are the save points really far apart in this game???

That's it for true confessions today. I'm finishing my tea and going to bed I'ved jotted down my 'to do' list. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

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